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Beta Industrial Ltd. is a capital equipment developer and a provider of products based on its technology.
The company provides novel nano-particles production equipment and develops tailor-made solutions to improve a wide range of industrial processes and their respective end-products qualities.
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Beta Industrial Ltd. engages in the development and manufacturing of novel nano-particles production equipment and related applications. Our Nanomizing™ platform addresses the emerging need for nano-scaled materials in a variety of industrial applications.
Beta Industrial Ltd. focuses on proprietary industrial systems for the production of nano- to sub-micron particles. Read more...
  In the past decade, nano-particles have attracted intensive interest for application in many different fields, including chemistry, materials engineering, electronics, solar energy, etc. Generally, particles below 100nm (nanometers) are referred to as nano-particles. Such particles possess unique properties (due to their increased surface to mass ratio), enabling their use to improve industrial processes and products, and to enable novel applications. Read more...  
  • Industrial production of nano-particles
  • Thin layer coating systems
  • Improving industrial processes through ultra-fine aerosolization